Friday, August 31, 2007


Recently I've been shocked to hear about the recent news story, the Greece Fires. Has anyone heard about this tragedy?

Apparently, fires have been starting all over Greece for the past week. Even today, Greece is still burning. Could you imagine your country or state continuously burning for a week straight? Imagine the panic.

Analysts thinks that the fires are caused by arson, but they've been igniting in different areas all around Greece. At one point, over 70 separate locations of fires were burning in the country. Doesn't that sound like some kind of intentional attempt or act of terrorism? That would be like the US burning, but burning from all different states, like Kentucky to New York to California. Apparently six people have been charged for deliberately starting the fires.

So far, 64 people have died and over 500,000 acres have been burnt, almost the size of Rhode Island. That must be a terrifying way to die. Burning. The suffocation, the fire, no escapes and a helpless feeling. I give firefighters a lot of credit. I couldn't have that bravery carried with me every day.

Look at the fires from a NASA aerial shot. Isn't that insane?

I can't imagine being in that situation. It reminds me of that common question that we've been asked before: if your house was on fire and you could only take one thing, what would you take?

First of all, that situation would be horrifying. I don't even know if I would know where to begin. Everything you've ever owned and treasured would be inside burning, and what could you do? Where could you bring it? How much could you take before your own life is in danger?

My answer, like some people's, is a cross between pictures/home videos and my writings (journals) from when I was little until up to date. Those are irreplacable. All the clothes and shoes can be re-bought, but those would be gone forever. Those would hurt the most to lose, in my opinion.

A quick memory: this reminds me of Ang, when I asked her about her favorite stuffed animal, Ellie, being trapped inside the house during a fire. Quick fact on Ang: she is deeply attached to the animal. So, in this hypothetical question, Ang actually began crying, physically picturing the event happening. How much of an ass did I feel like? Needless to say, it's a comical memory and Ellie is not burning in a fire. She's probably tucked safely somewhere on Patiky Street in Long Island.

Anyway, my big question is the one I mentioned above: If you could only take one thing from your house if it was burning, what would you take? And why?


Anonymous said...

lol I have to GIGGLE at the Ang/Ellie/Jami provoking a what if fire scenario. I can picture Ang getting upset and indeed, Jami feeling horrible. I'm still giggling....

Anyways, it all began when I was a kid. Long story made short, instead of practicing EDITH-Exit Drills In The Home (for fire escape safety) to make me feel safe incase of a fire, it scared me even more. I would lose sleep thinking what I would do if there was a fire. The family plan was that my sister would help rescue me after she got out safely. She was the only one that got the fire ladder. (If thats not favoritism then idk what is) Anyways, back to making this long story short, two major things I thought of was how I could get out and what I would save from my room. Then I combined them. I would save all the things I needed, clothes, stuffed animals, blankets, etc. by throwing them out of my 2nd story window. I would then jump out my window and fall in a cushioned pile of my things. BUT the scenario doesnt stop there. In the process of this I also picked up my matress off my bed with my 7 year old little kid strength and would scoot that around to my sister and parents windows and save them. THEN I would be a hero and we could live off my blankets and clothes to survive. Little E was a hero!

Today I have no exit plan. I'm not losing sleep to my fears of fire. I don't know what I would take with me. My room is so messy I couldn't waste time looking for something to bring. I'd wait to be miserable after the fire and say, I should have brought this....
when I think about narrowing down what I would grab, I realize I have a lot of useless crap in my room. Sorry, this response doesn't answer any ?s. I just don't know what to bring.

And on another note-
controlled fires can be cool to watch. Bonfires, fireplace fires, candlewick fires... destructive fires are a different story.

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