Saturday, August 25, 2007

Alice in Chains

Any Alice in Chains fans out there? Anyone love that 90s grunge sound?

Last Thursday, I seized a once in a lifetime opportunity: I saw Alice in Chains live, but, of course, without Layne Staley as their lead singer. I know that many people are outraged that Alice in Chains is still performing under their band's name without their lead singer who passed away on April 20, 2002 (the same day that Kurt Cobain died, but a different year).

Layne Staley and guitarist Jerry Cantrell formed the band together, later becoming a famous grunge band. Then, years after their popularity and hiatus since Staley's death, they choose a new lead singer and tour under the same name. Is this right?

A friend and I were discussing this, and she said to compare it to Pearl Jam. Would it be right if Eddie Vedder died, and then Pearl Jam kept touring under the same name, even though Vedder started and lead the band?

Personally, I tried to get over this difference and enjoy watching them play. I think it's awesome and legendary that they did tour, so take advantage of it. Their new lead singer, William Duvall, sounds extremely similar to Staley. He had the vocals right on, and as my friend Matt said, "he did his homework."

Alice in Chains played well-known songs like "Down in a Hole" and "Them Bones," but the absolute highlight of the show was their encore. They transitioned from "Angry Chair" right into "Man in the Box," then to "Would?" and lastly to a mellow song, "Rooster." The last four songs had this incredible energy--each song was met with anticipation and excitement. That had to be the highlight of the concert.

The following band, Velvet Revolver, really wasn't as exciting as I expected. I really wanted to see Slash perform, because I think he's one of the best guitar players around right now. He's a legend, and I can't believe he's still alive. He really is a crowd-pleaser with his tall signature hat, ripped black jeans with red stockings underneath, and jam sessions where he played inches from a screaming crowd. He was a good show himself.

Scott Weiland really scared me. I knew he was energetic and flamboyant, but I guess I didn't know how extreme he really was. I think he's more feminine than me. He dances and sticks out his chest, rips off his shirt and struts around like a teenage girl. It's really bizarre. I found my brother and I laughing at times more than we were rocking out to his vocals. At least he kept us entertained.

Velvet Revolver is more of a super-group than an actual band, in my opinion. Their songs aren't really all that amazing. I like their old bands much better (Stone Temple Pilots and Guns N Roses). To tell you the truth, I was craving their old songs more than I was anticipating their new songs on Libertad. They did play "Big Empty" and "Vasoline" from STP, and "Patience" from GNR, which were some of the best songs of the night.

Bands like Audioslave, who also bound together from incredible previous bands, came together and created good music. They have a good, solid sound that creates great new music. You're not always conscious of who they were, just more on what they're creating now. With Velvet Revolver, I feel like they're not really making good new music; they're just still hanging on to their old bands so they can still perform and be rock stars. I think they're all talented, but as a group, they're not really that amazing.

So, I'd like to hear some opinions on Alice in Chains replacing Lane Staley, and super-groups like Velvet Revolver banding together, but not really meshing all that well. Any reactions?


Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm from Argentina, my name is Pau. I haven´t seen the bands live, I mean, in a rock concert, but I agree completly with you!
And I really like Alice, STP, Nirvana, and Soundgarden, but these "new bands" are not as good as the original were.

I would love to give life to many dead rockers. :( but I still don´t know anyone who could.

Sorry for my bad english. And good luck. Pau

Anonymous said...

Hey! we were there last night as well. We thought William Devall was friggin amazing almost an exact match to the past singer Staley. We loved the Alice in Chains performance - and like you - were disappointed when VR came on in fact we left early after "patience" to beat the traffic knowing we probably wouldn't miss anything amazing based on what we were seeing. I think Welland burnt himself out by strutting around and rubbing his shirtless body rather than rocking it out on his vocals - it was too bad we travelled from the Island to see the 2 bands thankgully Alice made up for it all - we can't wait to here more form the new addition to Alice in Chains. I recommend to anyone if possible see Alice live they are awesome and we couldn't tell the difference between Devall's voice and Staley's, Scaries on the wall rocked my night hard core.
Over and out

Kissel said...

Your Pearl Jam analogy is not quite the same as AIC. Eddie Vedder did not start the band, he was asked to join by Ament and Gossard. Although he has a very unique voice, I could see them continuing on without him. It will never happen, just like they didn't with Mother Love Bone, they would just create a new band with a new moniker. Check out this for more info:

I have yet to hear any "new" live AIC but your blog makes me highly interested to hear the new singer's voice.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be way different to compare Pearl Jam going on without Vedder than AIC.

Pearl Jam had a long and successful career and did what they wanted to, so there would not be much need to get stuck on that.

But Alice in Chains it's different because you get the feeling that they still left things to do out there. Besides, it's not your typical milking of a band's name -as I felt on the INXS case-, as it being more to doing all the thing the band couldnt do back then because of their own issues as was the case with Staley.

It would seem that Soundgarden knew when to call it quits. Alice In Chains, on the other hand, never really had an ending, or at least it feels that way as a fan. Who know what the musicians think. The STPs are somewhat on the same boat.

I don't expect the new guy to be as good as Staley, just to give a decent performance and not embarrass the Alice In Chains legend.

And, with all due respect to Cobain -as great an iconic as he was-, Layne had the most amazing voice of the grunge era.

Anonymous said...

William Duvall doesn't sound anything like Staley. Many singers were asked by AIC to audition for the spot and nearly ALL of them turned the offer down. If you watch any number of the video's available on YouTube which include William singing, it's obvious that he doesn't sound anything like Layne. If you view the Rock-am-Ring video, William can't even harmonize with Cantrell live and sings all over Cantrell's vocals, presenting an amatuerish take on singing entirely. I can give the guy an A for effort, and I'm not alone in wishing he would go back to his own band Comes With The Fall. AIC should have renamed the band, and should have written new songs the way Pearl Jam became something new after Mother Love Bone. Instead, they have forced a singer upon everyone that will never be given his fair due as an artist. William Duvall's singing compared to Layne's is like comparing Bob Dylan to Pavorotti. Dylan CAN'T sing, he knows that. William doesn't yet.

Anonymous said...

Also, if any of you ever get to meet Vedder you will soon realize what a nice person he is. And comparing Vedder to the angry schiziod drug addict that Staley became is far from reality.

Yet, despite Vedder's sentiments in his song to Layne, he still doesn't speak for the entire Seattle music scene, he never has and he never will.

William Duvall is also known as "Killer206" to may Alice in Chains fans and Layne fans. For anyone who posted on the or RoadRunner Records boards after Layne died, they will fondly remember Killer206 as the mega asshole who belligerantly bullied ardent Layne fans off of those boards. Pathetic.

That weird story only gets weirder as in real life, several of Layne's friends were slandered by people who wanted to see Duvall in AIC, and to minimize the influence any of Layne's close friends would have upon a reunion.

Ever notice how AIC never reunited while Layne Staley was alive? They have all said it was Layne's drug addiction, yet many people who knew Layne have openly shared that they hung out with him and even played music with him close to his death. So who is telling you the real story? Not Duvall or AIC apparently. They would like you to think that Layne was bedridden and incapacitated, which is a lie.

AIC disbanded in 1996 around the same time Soundgarden did. If you believe the book Angry Chair, written by a journalist who spent a lot of time with Layne near the end of his life, you get the impression that the AIC chapter of Layne's life was long over, and that he was not looking back.

If you get a chance to speak with several of Layne's friends, you will find that Layne was disgusted with AIC and didn't want anything to do them anymore. Read the Angry Chair book! Now ff that book is full of lies and untrue, why doesn't AIC sue the book publisher and have it taken off the shelves?

And if Duvall ever reads this he will "pull the race card" and claim that anyone sharing these thoughts in a racist, when in fact we just think the guy sucks.

I'll go even further and openly state that I believe William Duvall is an arrogant lying dirtbag. I hope he reads this, because he will never be accepted and his voice is irritatingly bad.

AIC without Layne Staley was nothing. Jerry Cantrell, admitedly a great songwriter and solo artist, doesn't sell a lot of albums on his own. William Duvall despite years onstage, going all the way back to 80's punk bands, doesn't sell albums either. And by the way, being in bands since childhood doesn't make anyone special or worthy of anything. Keep that in mind. So my question is - is this a winning combo for these people?

Jerry Cantrell and AIC seem to have forgotten the fact that Layne's PRESENCE sold albums, not just because of his incredible opera trained voice (courtesy of maestro David Kyle, who also taught the Heart sisters and members of Queensryche to sing), yet Layne had something completely different, something that Jerry and William will never have, and that is the kind of presence that speaks miles unspoken. Layne could stand nearly still and terrorize an audience without having to jump around like Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit.

AIC with William Duvall is a modern travesty. You might as well reform Led Zeppelin with some lunatic dressed as Boy George playing drums now, it's all fucked and the legacy of AIC will be forever soiled until they find someone who is WORTHY.

William Duvall sure ain't it.

But man that guy from Puddle of Mud was sure embarassing too - can't AIC find someone worthy of this? Someone truely unique, someone who is controversial all on thier own and enigmatic like Layne was. You would think that a band with all of the resources that AIC has would be able to find someone, but they haven't, and that is truly sad.

Anonymous said...

This is late. Way late. To be honest, I accidentally found this, but I hate arguments like the ones made.

Layne Staley did NOT create the band on his own. Jerry Cantrell had just as much to do with the creation of AIC as he did, and if you ask me, it'd be more of a travesty if he was the one that died and was replaced. Having said that, the Pearl Jam comparison isn't valid for that very reason. While Eddie Vedder might have made the band, Layne Staley certainly did not.

Of course William DuVall didn't harmonize well with Cantrell on one of his FIRST TRIES LIVE. He doesn't even have to sound like Staley because, if you listen to some modern rock singers, he's not hard to emulate. I don't want the same thing, I want something new. And DuVall provides that.

Believe it or not, they're obviously not doing this for their fans. They're doing it for themselves, and that's fine by me.

I will agree about the Puddle of Mudd guy thing, though. His entire band is a rip from earlier examples (Nirvana, for instance).

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Anonymous said...

First of all William Duvall is a great addition to the band. They absolutely did the right thing keeping the name and the brunt of the vocals on the recordings came from Jerry Cantrell. So they're not really losing that dynamic vocally. Duvall harmonizes perfectly w/ Cantrell, I don't know what everyone's talking about. I saw them at Terminal5 in NYC and they sounded great. I love Layne Staley but the remaining guys did the absolute right thing by carrying on....and w/ the name too.

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Anonymous said...

You do know that EDDIE VEDDER did not form Pearl Jam, right? His incredible voice may be the signature of the band, but the entire band had formed, largely from the ashes of Mother Love Bone, before they went looking for a lead singer. Vedder was passed a demo of the band's music, then he added his vocals and sent the demo back to the rest of the band and the rest is history.

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