Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thinking Spot

Where do you think?

Last night, I had the lakehouse all to myself. I hardly knew what to do because there were so many activities that could fill my night. I haste wasting a night or day filled with potential.

After eating my dinner for one with the lake view, I sat on the dock, just watching my surroundings as if I was watching TV. To tell you the truth, I find it better than watching TV. It's not crowded with commercials or meaningless clutter that has nothing to do with my own personal growth or through process. At least watching this scene allowed myself to think and speak to me.

It was that dimming light after 7:30 that continues creeping up on you until it slowly fades into nighttime. While you're sitting there, you barely even realize that darkness is coming on you, but when you're there, time is just moving very still.

I watched a few boats pass in the distance, not too much noise on the lake after dinner-time. As I sat on the dock, I became absolutely absorbed in watching three birds fly in circles with one another. I've never seen anything like it before! (It doesn't take much to impress or move me, I guess). These birds soared and played with one another in the air, and so close to my face! They swooped so close to me sometimes that I had to duck out of their way. It was absolutely breathtaking, as if I was involved in an interactive show but I was the only guest.

Imagine being a bird. Being able to fly. Just soaring and playing with your friend in the air. It's incredible. The bird show allowed me to just think about the simplicity of life, how you can make an evening out of just sitting on a dock by yourself. You don't need to watch TV, talk on the phone, or finger through a magazine that doesn't particularly interest you. Even small things are even more than enough. Spending time with yourself really isn't all that bad.

The question that probed this post is, where do you think, or where do you like to think? Do you have a thinking spot like Steve does in Blues Clues, his infamous 'thinking chair'?

Mine moves around, depending on where I am or where I'm living, but this summer, the lake really acts as my source of a thinking spot. The dock, especially, is my source. I'm curious where others think, or if there doesn't need to be a designated thinking spot. Let me know. I'm listening.


Steve said...

My thinking spot moves, too. It's somewhere or everywhere I am along the route on a nice run...especially if the route is quiet.

Anonymous said...

flat rocks were always a good spot for me. and the falls. i guess any sort of quiet nature place, especially with water, is a good one for me.

CHARITY said...

I have to agree with anonymous here...i've had some of my best peaceful moments next to a creek sitting on a big rock (Brantingham, NY in the Adirondacks) but I also like going for walks in the woods at a nature center. This summer I didn't really get that opportunity to get into any woods because I was living in Albany and I'm not familiar with this area yet, so I would say the most peaceful thinking spot for me is the pool when I'm swimming slow, meditative laps and diving underwater and not coming up till I'm desperate for air. yeah, thats it.

oh Jami, I almost forgot why I came here... good post btw =) I need your email address, or to be exact, barb needs it so she can send you The Crucible lesson plans she has. I'm doing that play also with my 11th graders so she's sending them to me too. LOL

go back to that thinking place, it sounds heavenly. what lake are u on?


Jami said...

Hey, my email is We should share ideas for The Crucible--how funny that we're both doing the same thing!

I'm on Glen Lake, which is a small lake next to the Great Escape and Lake George, way up north. Where are you living around Albany?