Saturday, August 25, 2007


I love spontaneity.

On Wednesday, Bridget (my godmother) was talking to my mom and I, trying to make plans to get together that day. Instead of just doing the same old thing, we decided to pierce.

I have been wanting to pierce my rook for a while--Erica inspired me with her own piercing, and I've been putting it off for a few months now (just ask her). On Wednesday, I woke up not thinking that I would put myself through a different change like that for the day--and that's what I love about spontaneity.

Surpisingly enough, Di decided to get her cartilege pierced too! I was so excited that she let herself do it. I know that she was really nervous and scared, but she sucked it up and got a gold hoop in her cartilege. She looks awesome! Let her know next time you see her, because it really does look hot.

I pierced first though because I was so nervous that I had to get it over with. I am terrified of needles, so this was big for me. The needle was curved because the rook in your ear is in the corner, and the needle has to go in at an angle. And man! did it hurt. Even three days afterwards, it still hurts if you touch it, but it's well worth the pain. I think it looks pretty cool, even though my mom thinks that no one will hire someone who has such a "scandalous" piercing (I don't think it's really that bad).

What do you think of it?

After my mom, Bridge got her second holes re-pierced. We always make a small scene wherever we go. We really struck up some good conversation with the piercing guy. He informed me of a myth: the piercing itself never makes a noise, like a crunch; the sound is actually the rubber gloves of the piercer sliding the needle through. Gross, but true.

Matt and Steph accompanied us on our little piercing trip. Here they are sleepy on the couch in the waiting room:

Otherwise, that job must have its highs and lows. It must be fun to make such fun and cool changes on someone, to pierce something that they really want done. But, it must also be difficult for those people who are deathly terrified yet still want it done. I was somewhere in between, kind of pulling away as an instinct as he pierced me (bad move), but he was still able to perform it. He said he's had worse, and I bet it's true.

How do you think that job would be? More highs or lows?

Overall, piercing was fun and rewarding. We all have something physical on our bodies to remind us of that day and of each other. This was the "Summer of Change," so why not symbolize it with a physical reminder?


Diane said...

Aren't we just 3 hotties? What a memory!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved reading about our adventurous day. Do you think we look totally badass, or ultracool?
Watch out-year of change!!!! Love you both.

Anonymous said...

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