Tuesday, August 7, 2007


MC Escher: artistic and mathmatical visionary, incredible artist. I'm not going to write much about him here, rather, I'm going to post a few of his works, hoping that someone will comment or simply just view his artwork.

I always think that, if I had more time, I'd get more into artwork. I want to know more of the small-time artists, for the ones I am most acquainted with are well known, like Dali, van Gough, Monet, and Escher.

What artists, then, do you think I should check out?

I enjoy this one, "Print Gallery," because it's a true experience of someone viewing artwork in a gallery. The lines between the message of the work and the physical piece itself begin to blur. You can really read a message about the world from the work which begins to blend and change how you see your world.


Anonymous said...

i like the one with the eye and the skull, thats also in donnie darko's bedroom. i wish i had the skill to create something that in depth as far as the illusion goes. everything i ever created was basically cut and dry. Ro always said my art was therapeutic and i think she was right.

Patricia said...

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