Saturday, September 1, 2007


One thing that I really enjoy about this time of the year (this end of the summer, beginning of fall time) are the fairs and festivals.

Last week, my brother and I visited the New York State Fair in Syracuse, not specifically go enjoy the fair, but to see the Counting Crows. However, we had some time before the show to adventure around the fair, and it really was a great experience.

I think my favorite thing about the fair is the unique, freshly cooked varieties of food they offer. The smells around the fair are intoxicating! I couldn't choose what to eat! And the best part is, they don't overcharge you. The prices are so reasonable that it made it very hard to not purchase something that you craved. The sweet smells in the air from fried dough, kettle corn, ice cream, turnovers, dumplings, cheesecakes, doughnuts, shortcakes, pies, candy apples, fresh squeezed lemonade, etc. How couldn't you break down and buy something delicious?

Also, I do enjoy the homemade array of trinkets, t-shirts, candles, bags, tie dye, jewelery, etc. You never know what cool stuff you're going to find at a fair. There's always something that entices you. Personally, I really liked this section at the fair last week that was dedicated to African culture. They had some really interesting beaded jewelery and music. It was really inviting. They also offered ox tail for food (now how about that for trying something new!).

Fair rides are also really fun. Tilt-a-whirls, ferris wheels, bumper cars, etc. What were your favorite rides?

I think it would be really cool to be so talented at some kind of hobby that you could sell your products at a fair. That must be so fun and exciting. You work all year (perhaps during free time) creating something that you enjoy, and then you go to a fair, put up a small tent, and watch people review your work and purchase your creations. I think that would be fun. And, you would get to snack on some extremely delicious snacks that you can only get from a fair. It's just something about being sold at a fair that makes them taste better...

Have you heard of deep-fried oreos? They sold them at the fair, and I thought that was wild. We're just deep frying anything nowadays. My brother tried them once, and he says they have like a fried dough cover and the oreo pretty much melts inside of it, so it's a gooey oreo flavor inside. I guess they come in packs of like six, and they're pretty cheap. I didn't try them this time, but I'd like to another time just to experience it. Has anyone tried it?

If you could work at the fair, what would you like to do: sell your own merchandise, work a food booth, entertain, be a drink vendor, etc?

What do you like about fairs, or do you have any good fair memories?

Personally, I liked to watch the pig races when I was little, but I didn't see them at the Syracuse fair this time...

Let me know some fair thoughts.

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