Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Prospect Mountain

I love finding new spots when you least expect it.

Before I came out here to Cortland for this semester, I discovered a new place where I could center myself, somewhere close to home where I could get away and really think. My dad randomly introduced me to the mountain, Prospect Mountain, in Lake George.

I have some excellent pictures that I hope capture how I was feeling.

We're standing on top of a mountain. It feels really cool to be up so high, looking down, thinking that no one else even imagines that you're up there looking down on them. I know this because I normally walk around down there, and you never think about who's really up there looking around at where you are, thinking that it's the most incredible sight that made their day.

Serene. Where do you like to go?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jami,

I love the pictures of Prospect Mt. Nothing beats climbing a mountain, and pausing to observe such awesome beauty on a grand scale. I love being in the outdoors hiking anywhere. The effort, views and trail mix center and ground me. Let's do it!

Anonymous said...

I had the opposite experience this weekend - of staring at the people on top of the mt. A part of me wished I was up there looking down. It gladens my heart that you have experienced new beauty - your pics a just fab. I love you.