Saturday, September 8, 2007


I'm one to really love holdiays, but what is more special than you're own day?

I've always tried really hard to make birthdays special, not only my own, but for other people. But, I won't lie, I really like to fancy-up my birthday. Everything is fun and special. I get to talk to all of my best friends in the world, no matter how close or far that I live to them, no matter how recent I've spoken to them.

What's a good birthday memory you have?

I'll share some of my birthday pictures with you. The first set are from 121, and the next are from 83/85.

Chalk drawings

Ang and the pinata fish I liked from KMart

My girls
Birthdays give a great excuse to have a good time

Next year! Which was technically last year

A great excuse to eat desserts and chocolate

My best friends :-)

Borderline inappropriate

Jenna cradling the gnome

And I'm going to complete the blog with a series of Ang crazy pictures. Poor Jenna. Maybe you can catch a glimpse of Ang's character from these pictures.

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Diane said...

hmmmm...interesting last set of pictures. happy birthday to my baby doll.