Saturday, September 22, 2007


Personal opinion: Pets seem to correspond to the personality of their owner.

Through analyzation, one can understand why I am a cat-lover and an owner of cats. Cats are needy, they make you earn their affection and attention, they are territorial, they are cuddlers, they are particular, they are moody, etc. I think that a lot of my own personality traits mirror those of the cat, my pet.

Think about personality traits of the pet you have that correspond to yourself, even the specific qualities of the breed of animal. I think we all have certain animals for a reason, and you can analyze someone immediately if you see and know their pet.

Dogs are playful, animated, more independent, protective, goofy, etc. Think about snakes... my first impression is something sexual and patient, yet would attack at any minute. I have a couple friends who have snakes, and I think they're very telling.

My blog post was initiated because my roommate Jess and I just bought 2 fish (yellow : D'Artagnan and albino white: Pandora) and an albino frog (unnamed as of late). I never really thought of myself as being a fish-owner, nor do I really think I possess fish qualities. But maybe I do. Maybe I do this semester.

Specifically, my two fish are very energetic, always swimming everywhere in their tank. Pandora likes to swim in circles for hours, which is quite amusing to watch. They can actually be quite distracting when I need to make lesson plans or grade papers. The frog (formerly named Sir Arthur Templeton of Church) literally floats in a tense position for so long, unmoving, to the point where we think he's dead. Then he'll surprise you and start leaping to the top of the water for food. Sometimes he gets really excited and swims all over the place, I think because of the fish's influence. I don't really see yet how their personalities correspond to mine.

Can you think of how you or other's personalities correspond with your/their pet?

Have you ever thought about it before?

I find it fun to analyze. Give me some more insight. Also, I'll post pictures of my fish later, but I don't have any yet...


Diane said...

well based on how dysfunctional our cat is, i would hate to think i'm like her... hahaha

je suis le fromage said...

my turtle, little hercules, eats almost any fish i put in with him instantly. once i put about 20 guppies in with him and within a week all were gone but one, and that one stayed alive for almost the entire semester. Xena, the late fish, was named after a great warrior. Unfortunatly one day i realized i hadnt seen xena in a while, and havnt seen her since. Hercules was grounded by both sheila, kevin and myself. Since then i put in three more fish which were about 2 inches bigger then xena. Two were eaten within an hour. It's been about 4 or 5 months and the last is still alive. i didnt name him but maybe i will, hopefully i wont jinx him by naming him. Ill name him Sauromtoro. Herc loves getting attention and trys to swim to anyone who goes down by his tank. If you stand near him he will splash at you until you leave.

however i always wanted a pig

je suis le fromage said...

by both i mean all three of us