Friday, September 21, 2007

Touch the Stars

I've been meaning to post these pictures for a while. I feel inspired to do so today, perhaps because I've been thinking about my friends quite often as I drive around Cortland without them.

My inspiration today lies with the drive I just took out to TC3 (Tompkins-Cortland Community College). I drive around the parking lot with two new friends, Megan and TJ, aiming towards Marathon's soccer game--a completely different destination from where we headed a few years ago.

We used to just drive around as our night's activity. When we were bored, the road always provided something to do, something to look at, some place to get away from the everyday sights we always were stuck with.

We must have been sophomores in college... We drove out to TC3, stopped in the parking lot and looked at the stars. We selected another road behind TC3, which was better because we got away from the parking lot lights which took away from the view. Honestly, I've never felt so close to the stars before. The stars seemed right at our fingertips if we stuck our hands out in the air. Maybe it was the country setting, but I've never felt so surrounded by the sky.

I think my girls remember this experience. You can't forget experiences like that.

Anyway, I reminisce here, but the main reason I came was also to post the following pictures. I cannot post these without giving a shout out to Miss Jenna DeMayo, the rightful owner and photographer of these pictures. I love them. They're very artistic and unusual. But that's us--out of the ordinary. That's why I think we all came together to be friends. We each had bizarre and opposite qualities from one another, and we all compiled them to become probably more bizarre, but smarter from acquiring the knowledge we learned from one another. Jenna is Miss Creative, and I think you can take that away from these pictures.

Here's to senior year and my college years.

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je suis le fromage said...

i'll never forget those stars!! that was such a beautiful night. the big dipper seemed like an arms reach away. that definatly was the "closest" ive ever been to the stars. i also have a memory of the horny cows when i think of TC3