Monday, September 3, 2007

Fear or Laziness

Another thought-provoking question from Waking Life:

Which is the most universal human characteristic: fear or laziness?

Hm... Among Americans, I think both traits are pretty prominent. I think we're becoming lazier and lazier as things become easier for us. We can do pretty much anything we want from our homes now, courtest of the computer, we can talk to anyone, anywhere at any time, and we can even shorten our tasks with our technological items or shortcuts via the internet.

Fear is always present, isn't it? There's always something external and foreign that freaks us out. Wars have always instilled fear in people. Now we have terrorism. There's always something.

Universally, I think the answer has to be fear.

Now, my example makes me think about people who have dreams to do things. I wish I was an actor. I wish I was a writer. I wish I could do this or that, but these people never act on what they have to say. I think laziness is definitely a key ingredient here, but I think that fear is a stronger element. It's easier to back down to the fear of rejection and failure than it is to try it and fail. We may not be good enough or we may have to be rejected several times before we succeed, but even that is a lot of work (which is where laziness comes in). A lack of motivation to work for something you really care for.

With other examples, I think accounting for people all around really turns my answer to fear. Thinking about how other people in other countries live, they have to feel more fear than laziness. I think if the answer were solely for Americans, then maybe laziness would be a good answer, but I think that other countries are definitely not as lazy as we are. It seems to me, with my education thus far, that some countries have to work a lot harder for some things that we take for granted. I think they fear more than they have the opportunity to be lazy over something.

Think about how many things someone can fear. Death--probably the top on the list--is probably more of an issue for some countries or people than others. People in war or certain countries (for various reasons) perhaps fear this more. Rejection, for those in pursuit of something, dreams, love, etc. Change. Doesn't everyone fear change? Failure. The list goes on.

How do you answer the question?

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Anonymous said...

No Fear.
I think this topic explains that motto perfectly. It may sound tough and bad ass, but everyone has fear. I think for so long the No Fear motto for me was encouragement, to not have fear to do something i wanted. Seeing the No Fear poster was a physical reminder to push myself no matter what. Change, failure, and even success are fearful. Fear causes laziness because that is what is safe. Good topic and interpretation Jami.