Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I haven't really been inspired to write as much as I normally do lately. I apologize for all who read and actually look at my blog every so often.

I've felt more comfort in physically writing in a journal than via computer; somehow it feels better to let my ideas flow through my hand onto paper. More fluid motions. Typing is punching. I don't like to punch ideas lately--more let them flow.

I'm curious. I have a question for the listeners, when the listeners are actually the readers. I guess I'd prefer to think of you as listening than reading in some way. Maybe it's both.

What inspires you?

Not only do I ask this for selfish purposes of curiosity, but I want to see what types of things inspire people. Inspire to do what, you might ask? Anything. Anything at all. I'm curious also for students. What is it that just inspires you to do anything... create, or just do something out of the ordinary?

Inspire me with something. Inspire intuition.

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Diane said...

In all honesty, my beautiful, intelligent daughter inspires me. Truly!