Monday, May 26, 2008

Tom Green

Where did Tom Green go? Or a better question, who remembers the hype of Tom Green?

I remember being an absolute fanatic of his MTV spoof show, The Tom Green Show, which consisted his acts of assaulting people on the street to act like a complete ass. But that was hilarious. Especially to teenagers like myself.

But, The Tom Green Show aired in 1999 to 2001, and then again when his new show aired, The New Tom Green Show, it seems as if he disappeared. He was a cult classic, becoming so popular that he got small-time roles in films like Road Trip, Freddy Got Fingered, and Charlie's Angels. After that, where did he go?

Or, do we just think he disappeared because he left MTV? I don't watch MTV anymore myself, but he just seems to have left the public eye once his show got cancelled and he won his short stint with testicular cancer. Was his humor too strange to last or could he still prevail?

Well, I've done a bit of research via my favorite search engine besides Google, Wikipedia, and I have learned that he is still in the entertainment industry. He hosts a late night show called Tom Green's House Tonight on radio. I wonder how one could hear it if they wanted to? Does anyone know?

What else that I did not know was that Green got his start in entertainment through rap. Yes, Tom Green was a rap artist. He was in two groups, one called Organized Rhyme and the other called the Keeping it Real Cru. I could never see Tom Green doing rap. How could we take him seriously? He's such a goofball and a total white boy from Canada. Come on now. I love the guy, but rap? It wouldn't work.

Well, at least now he's still doing what he loves--making people laugh out of being an ass and making fun of himself. But, I do need to comment that I always felt bad for his good friend Glen Humplik who was always the center of his jokes. Glen was the perfect guy to beat on though. He is an average guy, too average, and he just took everything from Tom for entertainment purposes. Kind of pathetic, but we all laughed. Let's face it.

I started thinking of Tom Green today because, for whatever reason, "The Bum Bum Song" entered my head. I realized that I could recite certain verses of the song, and I could remember the parts of the music video that corresponded with it. Watch it here.

What else is crazy is that the guy had a brief marriage with Drew Barrymore which I watched live when it happened on SNL. That's history. I'm not surprised it didn't last, but it just shows how popular he was at the brink of the 2000s.

What I like about Tom Green is that his skits tried to disrupt mainstream culture. People get so mad when he intervenes in their lives. It's hilarious just to see how people react to something abnormal. Genius.

So, what skits did you like of Tom Green, or did you not like him at all? Honestly, I loved the ones where he was bandaged on crutches and fell all over the place. He was the original of those skits; Jackass came next! I also liked his caramels bit when he was a hick at the mattress store. And the finale of all: his stint with Monica Lewinski and the hand bags. Absolutely hilarious.

Tom Green: yay or nay? Why?

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rem!x said...

tom green's house tonight isn't a radio show. it's a live internet video show and it's on you were doing all this research on him, and you didn't think to visit his website? ;] as for tom rapping, he's actually really good... but anyway, you should check out his website. it's got all kinds of funny stuff on there, his original tom green show from canada, lots more stuff...