Friday, May 2, 2008

Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings

Who loves the Counting Crows?

I do... which means that I am so extremely excited about their new CD, Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings. They recorded most of this CD (the Saturday Nights portion) over the last year. They were both recorded at different times and in different places: Saturday Nights in NYC (a more energetic sound) and Sunday Mornings (a softer, acoustic sound) in the West. You can tell the difference between each.

I learned a lot of this information from an awesome show on A&E called Private Sessions. Counting Crows performed some new songs, and some old, and then later on, Adam Duritz had an interview which was wonderful. I had heard some of these new songs before since they played them when I saw them last summer. I know they played "Hanging Tree" when I saw them in Syracuse, and I think they might have played "Washington Square" or "Come Around." I really like "Come Around"...

Their two singles thus far are "1492" and "You Can't Count on Me," each which have their own videos. "1492" has videos created on YouTube by fans while "You Can't Count on Me" was actually produced by the band themselves. Watch the fan-made video here. The video mentions that Adam mentions "skinny girls" a lot on the CD, and I noticed he was right. What is that about? Why "skinny" girls? Adam encouraged fans to make this on his blog, where he communicates with his fans. Check it out here. I love it when celebrities reach out to their fans with the internet or when they have a space where they write and talk with their fans. I think it's so cool that he shares his thoughts.

The only problem I have with the CD is that it's broken up too much--like all energy and then it dies down for the rest of the CD. It sounds like their other CDs, but overall, I enjoy it. It's a good new compilation of tracks. I highly suggest it.

Has anyone listened to it yet? What do you think of it? Good/bad? Why?

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