Monday, May 5, 2008

Summer Games

I was walking through Target yesterday, and I couldn't help but browse through the childrens' game section. Some games are reminiscent of the past, others are new toys of a new generation.

Honestly, I must admit that this blog was inspired by one toy: skip it. Any child in the 90s will remember this bright pink toy. You stuck the end around your foot and skipped around to see how many you could do in a row (even though no one ever really counted--you just merely saw how long you could do it). Now the toy is called something else like "Hopper," but at least it's still around and marketed to children today.

I also wanted to comment on summers of the past, not to sound like an old lady or anything. I never was inside unless it was raining. We were always playing outside, inventing games or playing old school games that involved great physical activity. That's why I was so skinny growing up. I never sat still. I was always playing and running and moving--hardly was I behind a TV or computer. It's different today.

This blog post is a tribute to old school outdoor summer games:

Skip it
Capture the flag
Crocodile Mile
Playing with the sprinkler
Pool games
Annie over
Street hockey
Wiffle ball
Tree house
Imagination games
Pogo stick
Drawing with chalk
Hide and go seek
Ghost in the graveyard
Truth or dare
Red rover

What other games did you play growing up? What is your take on the change in playing behavior with the new generation?


Anonymous said...

you forgot 4 square!!!!

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