Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nickelodeon Quiz

For any of you who were into old school Nickelodeon shows, especially many from my last post, take this quiz that tells you which show you are. Do it here.

I just took the quiz right now, and apparently I am Clarissa Explains It All. I don't really see myself matching up too closely with Melissa Joan Hart, but I guess we're basically twins. I guess it could be that I like art, creatvity, thrift stores, and I had a little brother... Not that close.

Other shows that could be you are the following: Doug, Wild and Crazy Kids, You Can't Do that on Television, Are You Afraid of the Dark? or Salute Your Shorts.

If you took the quiz, which one are you? Does it match up? What other shows should they have put instead of others?

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