Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lame: The Hills or Speed Racer?

Alright, I need to vent about what I find lame.

Does anyone read Rolling Stone as avidly as I do? If so, perhaps this blog post is a little late, but I still need to let it out of my system. Last month, Rolling Stone featured the girls from MTV's reality show, The Hills, on their cover. Ahem. How? Why? I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one. This month, they come out with the Eagles on the cover. How do you go from The Hills to The Eagles? Will someone explain that to me?

Okay. I understand that our sad nation is slowly becoming addicted to trashy reality shows. It's inevitable. What can we do to stop this growing beast? Practically nothing. We're drawn to trash. Look at Jerry Springer. It's still on the air. They still have new episodes. Enough said.

Also, I know that MTV has been going down in the past few years as well. The channel is now more concerned with reality shows more than the music itself. MUSIC TELEVISION hardly seems an appropriate title for the channel. They cut down videos and only air them from 1AM to 5AM! Hardly noteable. But now MTV is consumed with these strange reality shows about rich girls from California. I just don't get it. I mean, they have everything they want, and now daddy bought them a reality show too? It's just sick!

I get that MTV jumped on this bandwagon. Teenagers want to fantasize about a better life than their own. Living in California with an open credit card is not a bad life. But I can't believe that Rolling Stone picked this up. I consider them a credible source! I dropped the magazine when I saw it. It looked like some porno magazine with them all flashing their skin in a promiscuous way. How dare they stoop to the level of MTV! How dare they!

Now listen, I know they went this way when they published a feature article on Britney. But at least that article was informative and explained the tragedy of a pop star. That has to do with the music industry. How does this connect? I just don't see the connection. Are they looking for sales? What is it? Then they come out with the Eagles--something I would expect of them. It just doesn't fit together like two puzzle pieces.

And, on a new note, I must add my concerns with Emile Hirsch. He puts out this fabulous breakthrough performance with Into the Wild, and then he sells himself out with Speed Racer. Are you kidding me? You work this hard for street cred and then throw it all away on a cheesy kid's flick? You've gotta be kidding me. I don't know which is more lame.

So now I've got it all out of my system. It's all lame. A lame sandwich. A sandwich that makes me sick. Blah.

So what did you think of the Rolling Stone issue featuring the Hills? Or, what do you think of Emile Hirsch's transition to Speed Racer? Which is more lame?

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Anonymous said...

Reality tv-related things always win the lameness contest. Besides, it's a tradition for "Real Actors" to take parts in cheesy, big budget movies between badly paid artier work. Besides, Speed Racer was pretty out there for a mainstream film, and he did get the lead.