Saturday, May 3, 2008

Optical Illusions

A couple weeks ago, I watched a slideshow that featured a bunch of optical illusions. I think it's fun to be tricked by such intense, insane illusions that play tricks on the brain.

The one above used to be on a poster I had in college. It would rotate around the apartment. It was on our refrigerator for a while. That gave visitors a strange impression of who we are. Then it was in our bathroom--not too terrible to stare at for a while...

What I want to know about optical illusions is, who makes these? Do people have jobs that they do this for? Do artists do this? Or is this just something people do in their free time? And if they do, they must be pretty smart. These are tricky.

I will include some below. Let's see which ones you like...

You can stop the beads moving with your mind, or keep them moving if you like...

Look at Lincoln's hat. Is it longer than it is wide?

An old woman or a young woman?

Stare at this for a minute and then look at a blank wall. You'll see the face of a man. It's kind of creepy.

An old man or two people and a dog?

Try to say the colors, not the words... (Your brain will want to say the words, not the colors)

Watch the cylinders roll...

Ladies talking or an evil man?

Which ones do you like?

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Anonymous said...

i like the one that reminds me of JESUS