Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dangerous Pedestrians

Why do pedestrians run, bike, or walk in the road?

You know what I'm talking about. They are either a bit inside, outside, or just over the solid line that defines your lane of traffic. Why do they have to be so close?

My problem is when there is a sidewalk designated far from the road and pedestrians still choose to bike, walk, or run on the road. Do they want to get killed? Do they want to start an accident? I understand that the road is better paved than the sidewalk, but it's not safe to dance with traffic as you work out. Come on people.

My heart skips when I see these people because the last thing I want to do in my day is injure a person. I don't want any trouble. But some of these people take up so much room! I have to almost do a complete lane shift just to avoid them. I find it to be a hassle and a huge problem.

Does anyone else agree with me, or does someone believe the opposite and think that it's great that people are working out?

(I do think people should work out more, but don't choose busy streets! Come on people.)

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