Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mason Jennings

Do you like music with that acoustic sound? A guy and a guitar creating some cool beats that you could relax to? Mason Jennings is your man.

Recently, I've been absorbing myself with as many of his songs as I can get ahold of. His talent is so raw, so unique. He has this folk sound to him--a little bit Dylan-esqeue with talent but without the twangy voice. Sometimes he plays harmonica like Dylan, but he doesn't compare talent-wise or lyric-writing-wise. He just reminds me of him as a young guy starting out. (Check out "Crush the Pill" or "Crown" if you disagree).

I checked him out because he's playing at Bonnaroo, and now I can't contain myself. This guy is so talented, even underrecognized if you ask me. I see big things for this guy. He's that good.

If you're interested, check out some of these songs: "California," "Darkness between the Fireflies," "If You Need a Reason," "Dr. King," "Keepin' It Real," "Lemon Grove Avenue," "Ballad for My One True Love," or "Living in the Moment." If you want to watch him perform on YouTube, check him out playing "Fighter Girl," "Butterfly," or "Be Here Now."

What songs do you like by Mason Jennings? Why do you like/dislike him?

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