Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lyric Unconscious

My away message today said: Have you ever been singing a song, and then you stop to realize the actual words you've memorized and have been singing, but you never realized how strange those lyrics were before...?

This idea was inspired by my car ride home from work yesterday as I belted out the lyrics to a Trapt song. Even though Trapt is this "new age rock" that is not all that great, they remind me of my freshman year at college when I met some of my best friends. We took two road trips to see them play, just because we had nothing else to do, and we almost got injured from crowd surfers and mosh pits.

Anyway, I was belting out the lyrics to "Still Frame" alone in my car in the middle of traffic (subtly wondering if cars stopped next to me are watching my one-woman-show), and I stopped myself to think about the actual words I was singing. I guess I just memorize songs from the beats and then sing them on cue because I like the sounds of the song. I realize that I don't really focus on the lyrics as much as I should.

The lyrics go, "Please help me cause I'm breaking down, this picture's frozen and I can't get out..."

I stopped and actually thought about that statement. I guess it's not the worst idea in the world, being trapped inside of a picture, but it just seemed so ridiculous to me. Even though I've been singing the line for like four years, I never realized the strangeness of the point of the song.

I'm sure there are other songs that are FAR, FAR worse, but this is my first encounter in a while.

Does anyone else sing like this, or do you have songs that have really embarassing lyrics that you have absolutely memorized? (Be proud; I am).

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