Saturday, June 2, 2007

Fast-Food E. Coli Ice

"That Explains the Free Refills"

"TAMPA, FLA" -- For her science-fair project at Benito Middle School, seventh-grader Jasmine Roberts decided to compare ice from self-service machines at five fast-food restaurants to water from the bathroom toilets. Her finding: three of the five ice samples were dirtier than the toilet water, which contained lower levels of E. coli bacteria."

-Rolling Stone Magazine, Dec. 2006

Ew. Fast-food chains have to be making a lot of money. Why can't they allow appropriate sanitary conditions? Isn't it someone's job to check certain things like this?

I wonder what restaurants are skeevy. I'm backing Taco Bell (since it's my love), but I might think that with the explosion of McDonalds, they have to be in there. There are so many of them to not screw up every now and again in the cleanliness department.

Maybe next time I "just get a cup for water" and secretly steal some diet soda, perhaps I will go without the ice.

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Coob said...

might as well go without the ice. its still cold when it comes out anyways, AND you get more pop. ps-italian soda is amazing. we just got it at the shop my favorite is combining rootbeer and vanilla. i highly suggest it.