Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Girl Talk

Does anyone remember Girl Talk?

I remember having late-night sleepovers, playing this game with my friends and thinking how marvelous it was. It was the most scandalous game, at the time, and I can't imagine what takes its place today.

A couple days ago, I was cleaning out my room, and I stumbled across this falling-apart cardboard box, heavily decorated with excited 90s pre-teens. Look at their outfits. Look at how excited they are. This game was amazing.

Then, I went rummaging inside to see what stunts one must perform in this game. The game goes through personal questions to crazy stunts, like calling boys of course. You could pick up Girl Talk Cards, which somehow match up with your personality or future, foretelling that you "love animals," "will become a doctor," or "knows what she wants." When I played this, I bought every word on those stupid pink triangles. The naivity of pre-adolesence. I guess simple pleasures aren't always so bad.

And, you can't forget the infamous zit stickers. I have so many packs left of them (we must have either been really daring or really wussy). Any ideas of what to do with them?

Did anyone else play any other silly board games?
(I was also a huge Dream Phone fan, by the way...)


shelalaboom said...

I'm pretty sure the games that have taken over, are ones even I can never play now! Boys are getting head in the bathroom stalls by 11 from girls who are trying to be cool, but in acutally, are sluts by the age of 12...have you ever seen that HBO special on that circle of 13 yr olds who fester in eachothers dicks and vaginas? crazy shit in our world.

Megan Bottle said...

I think I was sheltered as a child. I never watched Disney movies, I never went on vacations, and the only games that I played were making piles of dirt with my brother's Tonka trucks. I also filled my time with cooking...from a pretty young age. No, I grew up in a family who believed that fun was created from the imagination... not pre-made board games. Sorry... that was no help...

I do remember one game that I got for my birthday when I was 7 or so. It was called "Pretty Pretty Princess". Players had to put on all this fake plastic jewelry and meet a fake prince or something. It was pretty tacky, and I probably ended up using the plastic earrings for fishing lures.