Friday, June 8, 2007

Inside the Actors Studio

One of my favorite shows is Inside the Actors Studio. I watched two episodes yesterday with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Dustin Hoffman. I love seeing the evolution of artists, many of who come from normal backgrounds.

What great episodes have you all seen?

Some of my most memorable episodes are Dave Chappelle, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly, Angelina Jolie, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Kiefer Sutherland, Mark Whalberg, and, most importantly, Robin Williams. If I ever advise anyone just to watch one show, watch Robin Williams. I think he's on something when he's on the show. He bounces from one side of the stage to the next. He's a nutcase, but that's why I love him.

One thing I wanted to comment on from last night's show with Julia Louis-Dreyfus was when an audience member asked her, "What do you want to be remembered for?" What a loaded question, huh? It makes us think, well, what do I want to be remembered for? Think about it for yourself. You may not know the answer now, but maybe someday. Anyway, Julia first responded with being a good mother to her children, then she said that she wants to be remembered for making people laugh. I truly like her as a person after watching her. She has such a great, funny energy that draws me to her as a comedic actress. Who can ever forget Elaine Benis' dance?

Also, Dustin Hoffman spoke about why actors do what they do. Why do they act? He asked a friend of his, a long-time actor right before he died, and he got up from the table they were eating at, stared him in the face eye-to-eye, and said "Look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me." Now that's powerful. I think it's true. I think most of us want them, some sort of recognition. That's one way to be remembered, but not all of us want that.

I want to insert my favorite questionnaire from the end of the show, generated by Bernard Pivot. Answer them for yourself, even though you're not on stage! I once asked my friends on the spot, and it was really cool to see their responses. I hope to do it more with people, just to get a feel for who they are.

What is your favorite word?
What is your least favorite word?
What turns you on [creatively, spiritually or emotionally]?
What turns you off?
What is your favorite curse word?
What sound or noise do you love?
What sound or noise do you hate?
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
What profession would you not like to do?
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

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