Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Landlord

The internet video entitled The Landlord circulated a lot within the past few months, but I figured I'd include it in my blog for those who were not exposed to it. Will Ferrell stars with a three year old girl (that's my guess), and they argue over paying the rent.

Watch The Landlord on

I just think it's interesting how this new form of media is catapulting stars, and especially, ordinary people to new heights that they never could before. Anybody can get recognized on YouTube if they make a catchy clip that receives a lot of viewers. No longer does one have to long for stardom--they can strive for it right in their own homes. That's wild to me.

I'll also include a video clip from YouTube that Diana showed me once of two people singing acoustics. They're really good. Check them out. This also emphasizes the point I made above, for the internet helps people get recognized now.

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