Friday, June 15, 2007

Ice Cream Truck

Last night at Emily's going away party, we heard Mr. Ding-a-Ling making his rounds around the neighborhood. We started talking about the ice cream man: how much he used to cost, problems getting money from parents, and favorite flavors.

A common staple was the baseball glove with the small bubblegum in the mit that lost its flavor within minutes. Firecrackers were good. I liked the Flinstones push-up pops too. If I did get the dollar, I would have had to get the Chaco Taco, which unfortunately is not sold anymore at local Taco Bells. The Chaco Taco was discontinued when I worked there circa 2001.

Did you know the ice cream truck prices have jumped into the $2 range? Is that crazy or realistic?

What jingle did your truck play?

What were/are your favorites with the ice cream man?

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coobyjr23 said...

i didnt have an ice cream truck. there was one that came around the park during t ball games, but that was it.... boo...