Friday, June 1, 2007


My first question...

Do you think there are certain songs or bands that should just not be covered?

For example, in the past year, two bands have covered Pink Floyd. Scissor Sisters did a rendition of "Comfortably Numb," and Korn recorded "Another Brick in the Wall."

Maybe I'm biased, but they both sounded too tacky--like they were trying too hard.


Coob said...

"imagine" should never have been covered. but then jimi and dave did good covers of "all along the watchtower" even though it was dylan's. i dont think it should be based on the artist, like "never cover a dylan song" but based on the song itself.

anG said...

I cover songs all the time for instance in the shower I swear I sound just like Lauryn Hill, but alas I dont record them.....I am a fan of covers as long as they are done well. Back in my Napster/Blubster days I use to get a thrill from finding a band I liked covering some obscure song live or esp if it was a few artists singing together. Sublimes rendition of Sugar Magnolia is pretty rad they added their own twist to it, which depending upon my mood I like or dislike.