Saturday, June 2, 2007

Global Warming: Polar Bear Cannibals and No Seafood

"Huge Freaking Hole in the Ozone Layer Gets Even Larger"

"ANTARCTICA -- The hole in the ozone layer reached record proportions this year, expanding to more than 10.6 million square miles. Man-made pollution combined with a polar cold snap to widen the hole, which is now larger than North America. That's bad news for people living in the Southern Hemisphere, where the hole increases exposure to the sun's cancer-causing radiation. Scientists now say it will take sixty years to restore the hole to its 1980 level."

"Glaciers Retreat"

"THE ARCTIC -- For the second year in a row, sea ice on the Arctic Ocean shrank, sparking concerns that the world faces record levels of melting. [...] In the United States, the first half of 2006 was the warmest on record, and hot weather sparked the worst wildfire season in decades, burning 9.4 million acres. In the Antarctic, atmospheric temperatures are rising three times faster than the global average. In the Caribbean, warmer seas have caused a record loss of coral reefs. And in Alaska, climate changes are depleting food supplies and turning polar bears into cannibals, forcing them to kill and eat each other to survive."

"Will the Last Tuna to Leave Please Turn out the Lights?"

"CANADA -- A four-year study by an international group of ecologists and economists has concluded that the world will run out of seafood by 2048 if marine species continue to decline at current rates. Overfishing and pollution have already caused nearly thirty percent of all fished species to 'collapse,' reducing them to less than ten percent of their historic levels."

-Rolling Stone Magazine, Dec. 2006

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