Sunday, March 16, 2008

You Should Meet This Person

Have you ever received the comment that goes something like this: "You remind me of someone I know!"

Usually you have some characteristic in common, be it a personality trait or even a physical resemblance. The friend or person normally is complementing you on the trait or saying that it's so uncannily similar that the two of you should meet. When you receive this comment, what is your reaction? Do you genuinely want to meet the person out of interest in something so uncannily in common? Or are you offended that someone else has something so similar to you?

Sometimes I wonder what the person looks like or acts like just to see how my actions/appearance comes off to others. What stands out? What makes others think of me?

And if you did meet this person, would you even get along because of something so superficial or similar? Don't people who are so alike not necessarily always get along or the relationship is just uninteresting because there aren't enough differences to make it worthwhile or stimulating?

What do you think? What have you been commented on that qualifies you to need to meet another person? Are you genuinely interested or not? Do you throw the comment out yourself?

Random idea. Random post.


Megan said...

Umm... I think that whether or not I was interested in meeting that person depends on the reason that I'm being given for needing to meet him or her.

For instance, remember the creepy janitor at Marathon who told me that I reminded him of his neice Joanna? Yeah. Not too interested in her 'cause she's some random person suggested by a creepy guy. We probably didn't have anything in common besides the fact that creepy janitor guy thought we looked alike.

BUT, if maybe you, or TJ, or someone else that I knew and trusted said "hey, I think you'd love to meet so-and-so because you both have an interest in crazy quilting" would be a little bit more acceptable. A person who is close to me knows that I love quilts that don't make sense... it's like they know something somewhat obscure about me that nobody else would really know... so I would trust their judgment in suggesting that I meet someone who likes the obsure things that I do.

...So like I said, I think it depends on the person recommending the meeting and the reasons for doing so. I'd be like someone saying HEY you should meet my friend Irene because she's a girl just like you! No, really?

But then again, if I said that you should meet my friend Irene because she is also interested in critiquing music the same way that you are... you might be more inclined to feel comfortable with the introduction, versus if I said that you should meet my friend Irene because you and she both [insert something embarrassing or uncomfortable here]... just awkward... and not really a compliment.

Make sense?

Mike said...

I hate it when someone says something like this to me! I have always felt insulted by this comment and make sure to keep these types of comments to myself.

Anyone reading this: "Do NOT tell someone they remind you of someone else"

this comment only works 2 % of the time as a compliment even if it is intended sincere.

the only condition in which i could find this comment appropriate would be for a mother telling her son that he is like his father.

This is top of the pyramid stuff! Use Sparingly!