Thursday, March 6, 2008

Closing Doors

A good friend of mine sent me this article. I wanted to record it here for anyone to look through if you feel like reading something interesting. "The Advantages of Closing a Few Doors" from the New York Times. Where does my good friend find cool things like this?

The article aims to ask: Why do we leave ourselves so many options when we don't need them all?

Why take lessons for things we might not need? Why hold onto items we'll never need again? Just in case. In case for what though?

"Closing a door on an option is experienced as a loss, and people are willing to pay a price to avoid the emotion of loss.”

So true. I am speaking above like it's a silly concept, but I fall under this category. I, too, feel heavy loss when doors close, options terminate, or new chapters start in my life, because that means another chapter is ending. Even if it's a positive move to something new, or a fresh start from a bad period, anything that changes gives me a sense of loss. Am I alone in that?

Even if it's a failed relationship with someone who I am not too keen with anymore. Or someone who just plain bothered you. Any kind of loss makes me feel it. What is it about humans that we want everything we can possibly have? Any sort of loss of anything we have obtained, or could obtain, that is taken away or lost is deeply felt? Or is it only certain people?

Anyway, check out the article. Any comments whatsoever?

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