Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Annie Leibovitz

Browsing through the library the other day, I came across a good find: Annie Leibovitz's photographs 1960-1990. They were incredible. I'm familiar with her work from Rolling Stone Magazine, but these other pictures I had not seen from there were incredible.

Looking at her artwork inspires me. She sees the world in such a unique way. I wish I had my own lenses to capture the world as she does. And each picture is so well-thought out and structured; almost every picture is symmetrical! And she photographs so many famous artists. How amazing would that job be... Traveling around and taking pictures of various famous artists and capturing them in memorable ways--photos that even become famous themselves. Like when someone wants to portray John Lennon and Yoko Ono--don't we think of the shot of them spooning?

I just admire her work. I wanted to include some of her pictures below because I am so in awe of what she does. She makes me want to pick up a camera! A hobby I would love to get into.

The White Stripes

Lance Armstrong

Johnny and Roseanne Cash

Patti Smith

John Frusciante

Bruce Springsteen

Leonardo DiCaprio

Barack Obama

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Anonymous said...

When I went to a modern art museum on sunday they had ads for an exhibit shes having out here and I'm super pumped. It is a collection of 200 pics from 1990-2005, I'm waiting to see it with my mama when she gets out here. I have a lot to catching up to do on your journal.