Thursday, March 27, 2008


Does anyone like Garfield, or did you like reading Garfield cartoons in the newspaper as a kid or even now?

I stumbled across this website in the latest Rolling Stone called Garfield Minus Garfield. Check the website out here. The website features Garfield comic strips with Garfield taken out of them so just Jon is speaking to himself. The purpose is to promote Jon Arbuckle as a schizophrenic, bipolar man and to emphasize the "empty desperation of modern life."

They're actually really hilarious. It's a genius idea, and it's funny to look at, keeping in mind that Garfield is not there, since he's just aimlessly ranting to himself. You look at the comic strip a whole new way. A way that's down-right hysterical.

Garfield was awesome because he was so matter-of-fact and controlling, especially of Odie. He'd be a cool cat to have, given you don't want a lazy cut who cuddles and minds his/her own business. Do you think Garfield really represents the true, average cat though? That could be an interesting debate.

Does anyone remember the cartoon that used to be on in the morning called Garfield and Friends? There was a large cast of animals, even an egg that had feet to walk called Sheldon, that lived on a farm and got into crazy shanannigans. That was a good show. Did you like it/dislike it?

Did anyone see that animated Garfield Movie that came out? I refused to see it. It looked pretty awful. Was I right?

Anyway, what do you think of the website? Do you like the cartoon Garfield? Why/why not?

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