Friday, March 21, 2008

Conan's Characters

For whatever reason, I love watching as many episodes of Conan O'Brien as I can. There's just something about his humor that is absolutely hilarious, real, and constant. It seems like this guy never has an off day. Hanging out with him would be unreal. He can make anyone laugh out of any situation. This guy has talent.

His show can often be seen as kind of strange with odd humor, even labeled as stupid humor. This blog post is dedicated and inspired by the many characters on Conan O'Brien, a list for your pleasure and of course, by a question:

Which character on Conan is your favorite? Why?

Character list:

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
The Masturbating Bear
The FedEx Pope
The Nudist Who Has No Skeleton
The Screetching Raccoon with a Jetpack
Fidel Castro Rabbit DJ
The Vomiting Kermit
The Evil Puppy
Hippie Fire Hydrant on a Skateboard
Cactus Chef Playing "We Didn't Stare the Fire" on the Flute
The Oscillating Air Purifier that Looks like Slash
The Horny Manatee
Nation of Twain
Cloppy the Horse
Pierre Bernard and His Recliner of Rage
Abe Vigoda
The Interrupter
Coked-Up Werewolf
Preparation H Raymond
Pimpbot 5000

Check out some sketches of these characters at this website that has YouTube clips.

His characters are just so silly and original that they're hilarious. Triumph is obviously the most well-known and most hated, perhaps from his crude humor from Robert Smigel. My favorite Triumph skit was when he attended a Star Wars convention and made joke upon joke about how much the attendees were absolute losers. It was hilarious. Watch part of it here. It's absolutely hilarious and well-worth watching.

Where do they come up with these crazy, funny ideas?

So who are your favorite characters? Why?

Who are your least favorite characters? Why?


Anonymous said...

Please tell me about Nation of Twain. I'm trying to remember a sketch, and I think this might be it. Can't find anything online about it.

Bill Wikstom said...

My favorite character is Frankenstein, hands-down.

By the way I love your site!

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