Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hillary on SNL

Alright, so last week SNL started their program with a parody on how Barack favors special treatment in debates; then later on they had a rant from Tina Fey which I listed in a post below. Last Saturday, SNL opened with another parody of a debate between the Democratic candidates, but this time, Hillary came on afterwards for a commentary.

Personally, on her part, I think it's a brilliant political move since she's been trailing lately in the primaries against her component, and with the recent Tuesday elections, it seemed to be a smart move since she won both of the bigger states, Ohio and Texas.

The opening parody was very smart though. Hillary's (Amy Poehler's) speech about pushing and pushing, being that annoying nagging woman, who won't stop until she gets what she wants, was extremely brilliant. Great writing. I don't know verbatim, but it was something like, only someone so annoying, so pesty, so bitchy, so pushy, could really create change. I thought that was very, very smart.

Also, I think it's big of SNL to attract all of these major presidential candidates on their show. It seems to prove that SNL is gaining a positive reputation for portraying political comedies and parodies. Good for them. Guliani even came on during Weekend Update, not that he's running anymore, but the only presidential candidate who did not appear yet is McCain. But, McCain already hosted SNL, so I'll cut him a little slack. He doesn't really need any vote boosting anyway since he's already the leading man for the Republicans.

I was looking up the bit on where Hillary speaks on SNL, trying to find a clip on YouTube. What I did come across really caught my attention. Hillary, in the recent debate that I failed to watch, acknowledged SNL and how she gets asked the questions first. "Does Barack need a pillow?" Wow. I was stunned that she made both comments. It's so bold! Which brings us all back to Tina Fey's comment, "bitch is the new black." Watch the clip here.

In addition, Hillary subtly comments on Tina Fey's speech when on a bus with reporters. Watch it here. Even though it seems they portray her in a negative light, calling her a bitch and making her out to be testy and annoying, I think they are giving her credit for battling back against it, and for even being a good candidate. Do you think SNL sides with either candidate, because their portrayals make me feel like they could go both ways.

So, what do you think of the video clips? What did you think of last week's SNL?

And who do you think is going to take this race after last night's primaries?

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