Saturday, March 8, 2008


moe. concert last night. Ridiculous energy at the Palace. They put on a kick-ass show.

I haven't really seen a jam band perform before (because one could hardly call 311 a jam band), so it was awesome to just be a part of such free-flowing music like that. They're songs lasted way over five minutes a piece--some even being like ten minutes long. The lead guitarist, who I was standing right beside, was so into it. He was jamming like crazy, sometimes playing so long that the lead singer and back-up guitarist and vocalist would make faces that dictated "come on now, finish up buddy." The lights and drummer would try to cue him in to wrap it up, but I think it's so cool that someone can lose themself so much in the music. They just keep playing and playing, trying to out-do themselves, and most of all, trying to entertain the crowd. And let me tell you, my little section in the front was going wild.

They played for a crazy duration of time too. They started playing after 8:00, perhaps 8:30, and played until 10:15. Then they took a break until 11 and played until midnight. Then they took a five minute break or so and jammed until 12:30 for their encore. Unbelievable. I can't imagine the endurance one must have to play for so long. It's such a consuming experience for the performer! But, they must live for this experience so it's not terrible for them.

The only downer of the concert was my brother's friend who got ejected from the crowd on behalf of his drunken state. He refused to leave and we were all trying to dance and enjoy the music, but it was hard when a security guard is trying to throw someone out who's standing directly in front of you. Kind of awkward. I just can't imagine being that out of control at a concert. That's too extreme, because then he ended up missing more than half the concert. He acted up right as the first set was ending, and as the lead singer left, he stopped and watched them drag him out. Some way to get attention.

Anyway, from my hazy memory, these are the songs I recollect them playing, and in no particular order:

"She Sends Me"
"St. Augustine"
"The Pit"
"Down Boy"
"The Road"
"Threw It All Away"
"Time Ed"
"32 Things"
"Bring You Down"
"Queen of Everything" (dedicated to lead singer's wife)
"Spaz Medicine"
"Brent Black"
"Wind It Up"
"Recreational Chemistry"

Encore (2 out of three):
"Raise a Glass" (More than fifty people lead onstage to join in to this Irish drinking song. So cool)

At one point one of the drummers busted out a xylophone and played for a very long time. It was ridiculous to watch him go at it. Him and the lead guitarist/pianist battled back and forth. Definitely a highlight of the night.

I really got into this concert because, beforehand, we were at this kid's house who played us a bit of moe. before we left. He played such a chill, accurate version of "Okayalright." We were so into it. Our friend Tyler, who's very funny said, "Can I book you in my room every Friday?" And it's true. He was so good. Definitely pumped me up for later on.

Four star concert. Right now I'm obsessed with "Bullet" and "Okayalright." Definitely an awesome night. That kind of music just fills you with this positive energy you want to radiate out. I hope I give that effect to others.

Does anyone like moe.? Personal favorite songs? Did you like thim in concert? Tell me about moe.!

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Mike said...

i've always liked the songs nebraska, and superman.