Monday, March 24, 2008

March Madness

March Madness is here. It's everywhere, it's strong, and it'd wild. This season has been filled with so many upsets, which always makes one's bracket more interesting. Duke, UConn, Clemson, Pitt, and Georgetown all contributed to the list of upsets which stirs up all brackets. Davidson is just pounding through the rounds. Who knew they would come this far?

Personally, I have the heavy favorite, North Carolina, winning the torunament, but I am looking for that blissful championship game witht the intended team to fit in with it. Tyler Hansbrough is the favorite player of the year, almost tied with Michael Beasley (and can I just comment that if I hear another word about Michael Beasley from the announcers that I'll just spaz into frequent convulsions!) so it makes sense that Hansbrough and the Tar Heels will advance to the finals, especially since they're ranked in first in their division and have creamed all teams in their path thus far.

The point of this blog is actually about the announcers more than it is about the teams themselves. The games have been extraordinarily interesting and nail-biting, especially with all the upsets as I mentioned earlier. Their comments make me wince almost sometimes. They're absolutely comical at other times. I understand that it must be difficult to speak and dictate a game for viewers and they can't have silence for too long, but the things they come up with are just down-right corny and ridiculous. It almost adds another fun element to watching the games. At least Dick Vitale hasn't been anouncing some games. I don't mind him in spurts, but listening to him yell at you for a whole basketball game... I want to rip my hair out.

As I've been watching, I've recorded some of the awful lines the announcers tossed out for our entertainment. Let's see what you think.

"He's going to get votes for governor!"

"And the Saints come marching in!"

"That is discomforture." (Is that even a word?)

"There's Beasley with the left-handed sledgehammer."

"He's in a straight jacket and has nowhere to go!"

"Rejection! It's a block party."

And my personal favorite: "They call him McSteal, but now they call him McThree."

Wow. What do you think of their comments, not even the ones I posted, or the ones I posted?

How are you doing in your bracket? Who do you want/expect to win?

What do you think of 2008's March Madness?

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