Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tie Dye

My family is going away on a trip within the week, and I got this brainstorm to give everyone a personal present. My first idea was to tie dye a shirt for everyone. After some manipulating and talking into, my mom complied. So, over the past two days, my mom and I tie dyed sixteen shirts in various sizes. That's a lot of work.

I love the process of making tie dye--physically creating a shirt that you're going to wear that is so unique, something that will never match up to anyone else's clothes that you'll pass. You can't manufacture the same one in a department store. They're like fingerprints, each having their own distinct mark.

I asked my brother if he was excited to wear tie dye, and he said no. When I pressed him for why, he says that tie dye says something about you; it gives you an image of a "hippie stoner," one that he does not want to associate with. I guess that the tie dye image does go with that stereotype, but I never wear it because I want people to think of me like that. Am I ignorant?

I wear a lot of tie dye, and I do it because I like it--not because I want to put out this hippie image of myself. I just like to wear unique clothes, clothes that are not too similar with everyone around me. I don't like to be another white sheep in the herd.

When you see someone wearing tie dye, do you immediately stereotype them or think something about them based on what they're wearing? What are your tie-dye thoughts?

Here's a quick tie dye slide show from my pictures:

Andy's tapestry

Our tapestry from junior and senior year

Kelly's guitar box

Kitchen tapestry senior year

My mom and brother dancing before a prom of his

Me and She

E and Kelly (incomplete trio)

Lastly, me, courtesy of Jenna DeMayo


Rena said...

On "Tie Dye" ... it's an attitude, an expression of life and how one chooses to live it.

Stephen used to say that I had a "Tie Dye Aura" ... I loved that he chose to think of me like that. It always made me feel so good inside that he saw that IN me ... so obviously I must have projected it OUT.

I wish I could write more, but I have to work and get ready for this cruise where I can't wait and will proudly where my new Tie Dye shirt! Thanks Jami (and Di). Just think you are giving not only a shirt, but an attitude that we are there with a purpose ... to have a GREAT time!

So forget about the sterotypes that "Tie Dye" has had in the past (Michael!). I mean imagine going through life in "khaki and pastel" ... UGH!

We're cruisin' baby!

Megan Bottle said...

Tie-dye gives me the impression of something pure...

Personally, though, I don't like to wear tie dye. It's not so much my style as it is other peoples. Maybe i'm a "khaki and pastel" type person :o)

As much as you love tyedye, I'm sure you'd love batik fabric too. Have you ever seen it? It's similar to tye dye but, in my opinion, is more unique and versatile. If you've never heard of batiks, check out this website that I found...

It's kind of difficult to see the texture of the fabric from an online photo, but let me tell you, it's beautiful in person. Sometime I'll show you the quilt that I'm working on that is made of batik fabric.