Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Power Outages

Is anyone else experiencing extreme power outages across their counties? Maybe if you are, you aren't reading this blog, so disregard my stupidity.

I was able to come online to check my email and blog really quick, so I am taking advantage of the situation before it slips away. It's crazy to see how much we rely on electricity. You really take small things for granted, like turning on the light when you go to the bathroom or being cooled off by a fan or air conditioner. Our lives revolve around so much power that it seems crazy when it goes off. People get so angry and frustrated, but this is how it used to be years and years ago. Some countries are still like this today. Why do we get so angry when the power goes out?

When the power went out, my dad and I decided to take a bike ride around the neighborhood. Everyone was outside. But it's so hot and humid outside that no one would normally be outside. I wish people spent more time outside, not just when they depended on it for light and had no other choice but to resort to being outside.

It's funny just to see our reliance and how people react to such drastic changes. It's like the world stops when the power is gone. What's not using some sort of electricity anymore? It's weird to think of life without it. But that's why I like camping. You get away from all the electricity and the noise and return so a more primitive state. I think it's good to get reconnected to those roots from time to time so you don't become lost in the ignorant bliss of our industrial lives.

So, keep cool and dodge the power outages. Light some candles and enjoy a break from the noise.


Megan Bottle said...

...with all of the commenting that I do, you must think I have nothing better to do with my life. well. you're right. i don't... :o)

Umm, yes, camping is amazing for many reasons; lack of electricity is one of those reasons. At the beginning of June, TJ and I went to Cranberry Lake- and the first thing we did when we got to the campsite was light the fire. Normally, I'd be all consciencious about the smell of the smoke getting in my clothes and hair- but because nobody important (besides TJ) was going to see me, I didn't care. Nor did I care when I cooked bacon for breakfast and the only thing I had to clean
my hands off on was a baby wipe.

I dont know what that has to do with electricity. It's more of a running water thing.

Anyway... yeah... power outages are fun.

Jami said...

I love your comments though. I don't care if you say you have no life. I'm here typing too, so we both don't have lives.

You were in my dream last night--I hosted dinner for you and Jess. That dream and these posts mean that I need to talk to you soon via IM. I'll try to look for you online tonight.

I feel like we'll have a lot to talk about.

I love visiting lakes. Maybe next semester we can go to some around Cortland... Just an idea.

Megan Bottle said...

OMGoodness that's crazy... because... here's why:

1. I dream about people from our class all the time... it's a recurring thing. weird.

2. I want to host dinner before the semester starts- TJ and I found a house... we're closing next week, and we'll be moving in around the end of July. SO- sometime when everyone comes back for student teaching (Thought it will just be you, jess, savanna, jill, and me...) I want to have a semi-fancy dinner thing at our house... with weird hors d'ouvesrs (i had to look up how to spell that!) something yummy cooked on the grill, fancy schmancy dessert, and lots of wine to top it off! TJ's younger sister will hopefully come too... she's starting college in the fall, and she wants to major in Eng. Ed. (I pursuaded her to switch from history... she's an amazing writer and she love love loves books... probably more than me.) Anyway... yes, back to the presemester dinner... When are you coming back to Cortland? I'll have to find out about everyone else too... What do you think??

...I've had too much caffeine today... one of my symptoms of too much caffeine comsumption is that I talk waaay too much, waaaay too fast, and without stopping. Apparently this works the same for commenting. yeah.

Yes. The dream and commenting means that we do need to talk. And Yes. I think we do have much to talk about, in fact, I had a little "glitch" in my life yesterday and through some weird strain of reading one of your posts, then rereading your memoir because of the post, then thinking about my "glitch" I thought of emailing you. But I didn't.


Jami said...

You should email me, you know, especially when you get glitches. I'm always here to listen. Hopefully you'll come online sometime later and we can talk.

But, I absolutely LOVE your dinner idea! I am so there. Where did you guys move to? I can help you cook if you want too, or even just bring something. I'll probably come to Cortland during the last week of August--not sure of the exact date yet, but I think the idea is fabulous. We should make a habit of this, switching houses and apartments periodically of course. Jess and I will host one at our apartment too, so we can follow you up.

Funny how the subconscious mind ties into the real world, right? My dreams always connect somehow, that's why I like to tell people about when they appear in my dreams.

I have three blog ideas so I am going to get them out of me. I'll look for you on later.