Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lacking Inspiration

There must be some time when we all falter in the area of inspiration or motivation to do what we love to do--in my case, do something creatively productive like reading, writing, or discussing. But, there are times when some outside factor causes us to not want to do what we love (i.e. social problems, "bad days," or physical illnesses).

This week I acquired a cold from the boat, and I was pretty miserable because I am a baby when it comes to diseases. Anyway, I lacked any interest to post on the blog or write anything, or even do anything whatsoever besides plopping myself on the couch or blowing my nose.

Physical illnesses really drain my creativity and energy out of me, but this whole situation made me think: what else drains my creativity or energy besides sickness? This question is meant to make you, the reader, think about yourself--what drains you from doing what you love or from how you creatively express yourself.

Obviously, social and emoitional problems with friends, family, loved ones, or peers in work or school-related situations really suck the energy out of me. Long assignments at school make me not want to associate myself with anything with writing (which hurts my creative drive during the school year), but I am trying to get over that so I do not silence my creative energy inside.

So, I have already posed my question. What makes you creatively drained?

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