Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Crucible

Today, I finished Arthur Miller's The Crucible. Come next fall, I'll have to teach it at Marathon High School to 11th grade students. I thought that when I read it, I would be hit with instant lesson ideas or interesting activities that I could include in the classroom. Nothing really jumped out at me. I haven't really given it much time, I still have a month or so before I really need to get going on this, but I'm trying to slowly discover what I can do with this text.

Has anyone read The Crucible and has ideas that would be fun/interesting for a high school class setting?

I'm just seeing if there is anyone out there who learned it in school and remembers fun activities or someone who has read it and has ideas for how to make the book come alive to uninterested students.

I want to go on basic themes of morality, conformity, justice, power, and perhaps love, because the central love triangle in the play is similar to something that anyone in high school would encounter. Anyway, send me some ideas if you have any. I'd really appreciate it.

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