Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sex and the City

I turned on the E! channel and I've already got two blog ideas right off the top of my head. A Sex and the City movie and Spice Girls returning.

HBO broadcasts some of the smartest, wittiest, realistic, monumental, and deep television series. I closely watch the majority of the programs they put out because they are very intelligent and say something greater about our world. They're not necessarily focusing on the quick laughs that don't plunge too deep beneath the surface like prime-time, half-hour, comedy shows. They make you think a little bit more than that.

Excellent programs include Sex and the City, The Sopranos, Entourage, Six Feet Under, Lucky Louie, Big Love, and John from Cincinnati.

I was a bit upset when Sex and the City and Six Feet Under ended, both bringing me to tears when I'm not one to cry over television or movies, but Sex and the City drew in more attention. It had a bigger fanbase, and audiences craved more.

The show grabbed me so much because it really dealt with honest issues facing females, especially in the sex arena, hence the name of the show. I loved that the premise of the show centered on a writer who would pensively sit at her laptop and write about her dilemmas. Even though some of the week's questions would seem a bit silly or worded in a corny way, I thought they were intelligent and true to life.

I heavily enjoy that the series is based off of a novel by Candace Bushnell, published in 1997. Check out the book that began the series on Wikipedia.

The series was so popular that fans were heavily upset about the end of the show. Even though I love the show, I think it was a good time to end. They were getting older, and the show should end on a high note (like Seinfeld did). Don't drag things out too much now. The finale was highly anticipated, and on that late Sunday night in college, I sat closely on dorm beds with my friends and cried at the ending with them. Shout out to Sheila. She was my Sex and the City buddy--we obsessed together. We love our HBO.

Everyone wanted to have a movie follow-up, which was actually in the works before Kim Catrall rejected the offer due to a lower money offer than Sarah Jessica Parker. Now, after a few years, they have finally settled on a Sex in the City Movie. Each actress has signed on the project (no word if the boys have signed on yet though), and filming should begin in the fall.

The movie is coming, but we'll have to wait. I can only hope that they don't butcher the series, that they don't ruin the series on a movie (which sometimes happens with TV-shows-turned-movie). Hopefully this will be as witty, clever, and hilarious as all other episodes and that it lives up to its hype. We'll be waiting.

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