Monday, November 19, 2007

Retaining Memory

Do you feel like writing about something really makes you retain the information?

Like, when we read a book or see a movie. If you just watch it in isolation and not discuss or write about it, don't you find that you're more apt to lose that information? It's more likely and easier to fade out of memory.

I see this is almost a recorder for the texts I view, the new information I'm introduced to. I need a space to record what I learn--even when the topics are bizarre and don't seem like "learning material."

It also allows me to explore writing instead of always concentrating on writing to a certain fake audience--like for school. You have to focus on fulfilling so many requirements that it hinders creativity. At least in a space like this, I am free to explore writing where I will not be evaluated or heavily criticized (at least I do not hope so).

Additionally, it forces me to write. Otherwise I tend to push it out of the way and do "other" things instead. These things are really not all that important. They are more significant things in life than the menial tasks of my day.

Who knows where I come up with what I write.

Not me.

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