Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bee Movie

Was it just me, or did Bee Movie scare anyone else?

What I mean is, was anyone scared that Jerry Seinfeld created a lousy movie like other animations that would be a disappointment?

Initially, I was. However, after seeing the movie, Seinfeld has relieved me and entertained me through witty bee jokes and subtle commentaries on human life. Seinfeld, being one of the writers, incorporates his everyday, unique style of humor throughout the movie. I was afraid he just picked up this piece as some project to do, as other actors and comediens have done, but you can tell that this is a Seinfeld crafted piece.

Not only did certain points make me laugh very hard at various points, but the movie is very intelligent. Certain scenes, characters, and dialogues were exaggerations or commentaries on human life, even acting as metaphors for the rigorous, everyday lives and jobs of the "average" man, working the same job every day of his life, perhaps feeling just like a cog in the machine. The bees worklife, working each day the same for their entire life spans, is an intelligent comparison in this respect. The portrayal of lawyers, court rooms, work life, romance, etc. is witty through light comedy meant for children. This is another movie that has many layers; it can be enjoyed by both children and analyzed by adults.

In addition, cameo speakers really added flavor to the movie. And, for those who are fans of The Graduate, Seinfeld wrote a scene that parallels to a similar scene in that film where Dustin Hoffman's character floats in the swimming pool and is admonished by his parents to get a job. Very intelligent and excellent comparison.

Do not fear. Bee Movie is worth the watch. Seinfeld has used his humor for a different audience, showing his diverse talent to write and entertain. He has not dropped the ball, as I feared, he has proven to me how excellent he is as a comedian.

Has anyone else seen the movie? Any other reviews, comments, likes, dislikes?

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great review j!

"cog in the machine"