Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Daria Quotations

After yesterday's post, I felt compelled to share Daria quotations I found on the internet. For your viewing pleasure...

"Don't worry. I don't have low self-esteem.... I have low esteem for everyone else." -Daria

"I like having low self esteem. It makes me special." -Jane

"Careful with that hair scrunchie." -Daria

"Even though I'm more popular, we do have some things in common." -Brittney
"Breathing?" -Daria

"Can you teach me how to twirl my hair and stare vacantly?" -Daria

"But, Quinn, your father and I want you to follow in our footsteps." -Mrs. Morgendorffer
"We have to walk!?" -Quinn

"Look at the jello! It's jiggling!" -Brittney
"Afraid of the competition?" -Daria

"I don't like it when I say people should die and then they do. I don't want that kind of responsibility. At least not until I've got a job in middle management." -Jane

"I don't like kids. I didn't even like kids when I was a kid." -Daria

"Well you know, condition people to expect nothing and the least little something gets them all excited. Ask, Pavalov." -Jane
"The custodian?" -Quinn

"Their sunny 60s optimism tends to cancel out my bitter 90s cynicism." -Daria

"Thank God for standardized tests. Otherwise you'd never know who your real friends are." -Daria

"I came to the realization that, given a choice between sharing shelter with my fellow students or risking death by blindly marching into a blizzard, it's blizzard 'ho for me." -Daria

"Where were you girls been all our lives?" -Boys
"Waiting for you. We were born in this room. We grew up in this room. And we're going to die in this room, alone." -Daria

"Does anyone notice anything special about me?" -Quinn
"Yes. From just the right angle, I really can see through your head." -Daria

"So, as part of the school district's first annual Awareness of Others Week, I'm asking each Lawndale High student to sign up for an extracurricular activity to make the world a better place." -Ms. Li
"Let's start by rounding up all the psychotic school administrators and putting an end to their suffering." -Jane

"God, Daria. Even your imaginary friends are embarrassing." -Quinn

"I don't like to smile unless I have a reason." -Daria
"Daria, people judge you by your expression." -Helen
"Yes, and I believe there is something intrinsically wrong with that system. I have dedicated myself to change it." -Daria

Favorite? Add one?

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