Friday, November 23, 2007

The Perfect Thanksgiving Meal

My cousin brought something up at Thanksgiving last night, a thought that I had once had but never really surfaced it. He asked, "Don't you wish that the food served at Thanksgiving was better?"

I'm not trying to insult Moms around the country. The Thanksgiving dinners that I have tasted have been beyond delicious. But, don't you wish the food selection at Thanksgiving was better?

Given, the holiday exists with certain food because of the Pilgrims and the Indians. These items were the types of food that they collected and harvested for their big meal. And this holiday (and Christmas) allow for Americans to eat uncontrollably large amounts of food, and it is absolutely culturally acceptable.

So, if we are allowed to eat heaps of food, don't you wish we had a better selection of food?

Also given, some of the food is delicious at Thanksgiving. I'm not a real big turkey fan--I think another main entree would suffice better. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce--not bad side dishes. BUT, I think we could all concoct an amazing meal that we would LOVE to feast upon, not necessarily settle for like yams and instant stuffing.

My cousin offered that he would rather have an Italian Thanksgiving with pasta and manicotti, etc. If you could choose any meal for Thanksgiving, what would it be?

I understand that Thanksgiving would not be what it is today if it didn't have the certain foods we have in it. I am just trying to be imaginitive, and perhaps dabble into something that perhaps we have not explored before in our imaginations. I bet that many people do love Thanksgiving food, as do I, but I bet we could concoct better home-cooked meals that seem more appealing to us.

So, one of two questions:

What are your favorite foods on Thanksgiving?

What would your ideal Thanksgiving meal be, if you could change the traditional meal?


Megan Bottle said...

I freshened up our Thanksgiving meal with a Spinach Strawberry Salad with a Sweet Vinegar Poppyseed dressing. It was a delicious and light alternative to the heavy potatoes, stuffing, and yams that are so traditional. I think every traditional Thanksgiving needs a new, fresh, and never-tasted dish or two to spruce it up. Otherwise, the meal gets boring year after year. Sometimes dishes get rotated out because they just simply flop. Sometimes, they stick. It's worth it. But as for the icksnay on urkey-tay... not gonna happen in my house. Manicotti is for another night. Thanksgiving is just not Thanksgiving without turkey, no matter how untraditional you are. Be an American :o)

david santos said...

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