Monday, November 12, 2007

Chris Cornell Concert

Last Saturday night, Chris Cornell played at Northern Lights, which I must say was a pretty decent concert. In my opinion, Northern Lights' stagecrew was a bit slow to change sets, making the waiting period between acts a bit agonizing and slow, but the wait was worth it. Cornell's voice and performance are well worth the wait.

The opening band, Earl Greyhound, is a must-check-out band. They sound like a modern day Led Zeppelin with a duet voice by the bassist, a female with the sound of soul. Very excellent combination. If you're really into Led Zepellin or that amazing female sound of someone like Joss Stone or Lauryn Hill, then Earl Greyhound is for you.

After that unexpected fantastic opener, Chris Cornell eventually came out, blasting his incredible voice. He announced he had not played in Albany in over 15 years, which is actually really cool for someone to have a career that they love to span that long.

Cornell played hits from all of his bands, even his solo albums.

From Temple of the Dog: "Hunger Strike"

From Soundgarden: "Outshined," "Rusty Cage"

From Audioslave: "Show Me How to Live," "Like a Stone," "Shadow of the Sun," "I Am the Highway," "Set it Off"

From solo albums: "Can't Change Me," "No Such Thing," "Billie Jean," "You Know My Name"


At first, Cornell came out with a band who mimicked each of his pre-existing bands fairly well. It was just a bit strange to see these strangers covering such amazing bands like Soundgarden and Audioslave jamming alongside Cornell. Cornell put on an incredible show despite this awkwardness.

After ending on "Rusty Cage," the room was completely amped from the fast-paced, energetic song. The band members left the stage, leaving Cornell alone to sit on a stool and play acoustic tracks. This was an amazing way to change the tempo and end the show. His voice is immaculate and sounds superb with just an acoustic accompaniment.

I wish he had played other certain songs too instead of primarily focusing on his new CD, Carry On, which I don't think is incredibly amazing when compared to his earlier work. Some specific songs on it are alright, but they do not match up to earlier hits. I know he is touring to promote that CD, but I think he focused too heavily on it, almost playing every track off the album. I think he would have generated a better concert and evoked emotion out of his fanbase in the audience if he had just went with older songs, not even hits, just older songs that probably drew most of the audience there.

Overall, good show. My friend who joined me says he's starting to look old, but I think he still looks pretty fine. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night or $30 plus.

If you had went, what songs would you have wanted to hear?


clarefromscotland said...

I've seen the setlist for this show and I don't think he played "almost every song" from his new album "Carry On" as you say - looks to me like just 5 songs out of the 14 on that album - "No Such Thing", "Scar On The Sky", "Arms Around Your Love", "You Know My Name" and his cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean". Considering he played for approaching 3 hours and played 30 songs in all that's not a very high proportion!!!

Nice review, though! I'm going to link to it from my site at

lazerjock66 said...
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lazerjock66 said...

It was a great show and I was REALLY impressed with Earl Greyhound. Some videos I took can be seen here:

Pictures from the show can be seen at my MySpace page (click on view more pictures and go to the folder titled Chris Cornell 11.10.07).

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