Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Ads

You can always look forward to good (and bad) Superbowl ads. Some try way too hard; others are absolutely hilarious. I found that I disliked more than I liked, but there were definitely some gems in there.

It's actually kind of funny (and interesting) to see how commercials are such a big deal during this event. They are known for and noted for being new and innovative. There's almost an unspoken competition for having the best commercial. I even noticed that new movies aired their first trailers during the commercials, which I thought was a pretty good idea.

Any of these ads can be viewed at at this exact spot.

I always find that there are three categories of Superbowl ads: Amazing, so-so, and lame. Many, many are lame, but some received the amazing category.


Bud Light: Featuring Conan O'Brien. No matter what he does, he is absolutely hilarious.

Bud Light with Lime: Captured exactly how I feel with that beer

Pepsi: Using the MacGruber skit from Saturday Night Live. I like that they adapted the popular sketch with Will Forte and Kristen Wiig, even if was endorsing a product.

GE: Wind Energy: A good concept and a good message to spread with bottling the wind in a jar to blow out birthday candles. The repetitious replaying of how you might feel during a job that would make you want to quit. Absolutely hilarious of replaying it. Made me laugh every time (especially the first girl yelling in her car).

Denny's: My second favorite, behind Conan. I laughed so hard watching that lady spray whipped cream on the mobster's pancakes. Hilarious.

Pepsi Max: Watching people fall and get injured is always funny in some way. Just look at America's Funniest Home Videos.

Bridgestone: Great idea with the Mr. Potato Head. Very funny.


Taco Bell. Come on.

Transformers 2. Lame. Stop making those movies.

Budweiser's clydesdale horse. Every one was strange. What does a horse have to do with beer? And why did it fall in love? It was too dramatic and too odd.

Doritos. I LOVE the product, but every commerical was borderline embarassing to put out and be serious about it.

Star Trek. Really?

E*Trade. Give up on the babies. They're getting old. You can only run something once popular for so long. If the Budweiser frogs were still around, I think we'd all be nonalcholic drinkers.

On Hulu, you can even vote for your favorite commercial. The results are released Tuesday.

So, what did you think of commercials this year?

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