Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pineapple Express

Finally, I saw the Pineapple Express. I wanted to see it over the summer, but I never had time to go see a movie. Anyway, it was pretty much everything I was expecting which isn't a bad thing to say.

Seth Rogen really is becoming a movie giant now, similar to a young Adam Sandler but with more early success. He has the ability to write successful movies and star in them, which is pretty impressive. His humor is obviously appealing to a mass audience (almost a cult audience following) but is reaching a very wide audience. He doesn't even look like he would be a movie star, but low and behold, here he is, succeeding.

Superbad really launched Rogen, but I think that Pineapple Express holds him up top to solidify his talent. He did it once, great. He did it twice, there is talent. He can do it a few more times.

He wrote this movie with Evan Goldberg, the character Evan from Superbad. The duo really are talented in writing screenplays.

What is pretty interesting is that Rogen was intiially intended to play the stoner character, Saul. When Franco came in to do the reading, Judd Apatow (the director) suggested that Franco read for Saul, and it really clicked. Then Rogen cast himself as Dale Denton which seemed to be a good fit. It's weird to think about it being the other way around, but I think either way would have worked.

Rolling Stone Magazine had an article on the movie when it was first hot, a few months ago. Rogen discussed how he came up with the movie. He wanted to combine action, comedy, and stoner movies in one. He did a pretty good job at that. The original idea came from 1993's True Romance, inspired by Brad Pitt's stoner character named Floyd. I've never seen it, but the guys say that they wondered what the movie would be like starring this guy. Well, it was a pretty successful idea.

I think it's funny that Rogen got Huey Lewis and the News to make the song for the movie, "Pineapple Express." I couldn't believe it was them when I heard it. Good for them.

The acting was pretty well done; the special effects were mediocre and a little intense/fake; the probability of any of this ever happening: never. When I was watching it, I wanted them to make so many other decisions, but then it wouldn't be a good movie if they did.

The cross joint also was an interesting idea to throw in there. In that Rolling Stone interview, apparently that is something that Rogen has tried. I don't even understand how that would be possible. Very tricky.

It really was laugh-out-loud funny though. These guys have such a funny and unique sense of humor that you can't help but laugh (especially when they're high in the woods). They really do capture the essence of being high. I'm just surprised they are so open about it. It does grant them a larger fan base, but it also does something to your reputation. I guess they don't mind so much. It's helping their success, at least at this point. I wonder how much longer they can do that and get away with it. It'd be weirder if they were like fifty and doing the same thing... Anyway.

I was really impressed with Franco's acting, especially since he's never smoked pot before. He studied by watching how people behave, so he's pretty right-on for that. After this movie, he's taking a break to study literature or some other intense major at a prestigious college. I commend that, but it must be hard to do something like that, especially when you just finished playing Saul on this movie and now you attend a college. I feel like people would be crawling all over you and would only want to talk about your acting career. Good for him though.

Maybe I missed it, but did they ever mention what happened to Rogen's girlfriend? They kind of just left that one hanging. Also, I commend the wardrobe jobs. They really were well done and captured the characters well. I like how these two writers capture what happens in a series of 1-2 days. Very unique and cool technique.

Does anyone know what Rogen is currently working on?

So, what did you think of Pineapple Express?

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