Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hypothetical Question: Where would you live in the US?

I brought up this hypothetical question to my friends a while ago, when I was in college. My brother has to have an internship and he can go wherever he wants, so I was thinking, where would you go before you settled down and were tied down to a job and family?

Say that you were going to have a paid internship. This job requires that you work at five different locations in the country, but you're essentially doing the same job. If you got to pick five different cities/states to live in to do this internship, which would you pick?

*You would live in each location for one month and one week, comprising a little over six months total. If you would like to alter this, give each one two months.

So, if you could stay for a while around the country, where would you want to park yourself and experience the culture?

(To answer personally...

1. Seattle, Washington. I would love to experience their culture and engage myself in the music scene.

2. Maui, Hawaii. I would like to see how life on an island of perfection would be, especially amidst so much tourism.

3. Chicago, Illinois. So much seems to happen here, and I'd like to be a part of it.

4. Los Angeles, California. The expensive, elite culture would be astounding. I would probably get angry at a lot of the behaviors and such, but it would be a good study. I'd need to save up my cash, but this is all hypothetical anyway.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana. The culture is astounding. I'd like to get taken over by the food, the music, the festivities.

Honorable mention: New York City. I'd like to feel the cramped atmosphere and the bond people have when they become true New Yorkers.)

What is your top 5?

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marilla82 said...

1. New York, NY Music! Culture! Music! Theater! Music! MUSIC!

2. Chicago, IL Lots to do, a ragin' music scene, excellent theater and art scene.

3. Los Angeles, CA Again, music, music, and music. It's the entertainment industry's Mecca.

4. Seattle, WA Music scene, eco-friendly, great coffee, and interesting vibe.

5. Atlanta, GA Good music scene, close to my family, beautiful city, great food.