Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Flying Dog

I always enjoy trying new beers, but I found a very interesting one that appeals to my literary interests. What? Literature and beer in one? Oh yes.

Flying Dog Brewery was inspired by Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo, himself. The creator, George Stranahan, was a good friend of Hunter before he passed away. After his death, he opened a brewery in Aspen, Colorodo (close to his Owl Ranch and near Woody Creek Tavern--his bar).

As the website states, "Long time friend, neighbor and co-conspirator of Flying Dog owner George Stranahan, Hunter was a large influence on George's life and subsequently on the creation of the Flying Dog brand; whether it was riding motorcycles, blowing shit up, or just getting a good, old-fashioned drunk on at the Woody Creek Tavern."

One brew is designed specifically for Hunter as well, the Gonzo Imperial Porter.

Another interesting fact is that Ralph Steadman, famous illustrator and good friend of Hunter, illustrates the beer's labels. They are pretty cool and eerie all at the same time. Steadman is so talented; he can really get an emotion and feeling across in his artwork. He is also so unique to develop a style that anyone could pinpoint his name when they saw it. Pretty impressive.

I discovered this beer in a large beverage center when I was looking for something new. It was hard for me to pass up this new kind of beer when it has to do with Hunter and Steadman, good friends of the creator. As the beer case I bought says (by Hunter), "I'd hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but it's always worked for me." Sold.

It's pretty good beer too. It was a strong, unique taste to it. What I liked as well is that they have a barometer for how light or dark the beer is. I like that scale because I like drinking lighter beers. They helped me make the right choice.

Good artwork, good product, clear labels... It works for me.

Check out the website here. It's pretty cool. They have apparel, contests, poetry, stories, information about them, etc. Pretty cool to navigate around.

So, what do you think of Flying Dog?


Anonymous said...

I've never seen the Gonzo Porter, is it still available?

Jami said...

They had six different varieties where I went. It quite possibly could have been one of the selections but I'm not 100% sure.